About us - VM Trading GmbH

VM Trading GmbH is a trade company with main office in Germany. Due to close personal contacts with producers (small farms) and processors (a mill, for instance) in Paraguay, we have oversight of the entire development of our products from seeds to packaging. Additionally, we provide development assistance to the small farms with a goal of being self-sufficient through their products. In this way, we are actively trying for long-term sustainability with our work.

Our products are purchased directly from the producers (the small farms) at a fair price and processed in our own facilities.

We can also assist you with products from other regions. Our interests are primarily commercial / industrial customers who can typically make a minimum purchase of one container, as we do not store many products in Germany.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us in writing or by phone, so that we can discuss your specific needs. The prices are dependent on the applicable market situation and are set individually.

VM Trading offices and plantations shown on a world map